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In tentative chronological order:
#REDIRECT [[BayHac2017#Schedule]]
= Friday (late afternoon) =
* Greg Horn: Haskell for Flight Control at Kittyhawk
* Tikhon Jelvis: Haskell for Supply Chain Optimization at Target
= Saturday =
* Gabriel Gonzalez: How to create a new Haskell project
* Julie Moronuki: Introductory Haskell
* Michael Litchard: Next Step Haskell
* John Leo: Dependent Types in GHC
* Dimitri DeFigueiredo: Functional Reactive Bitcoin Trading
* Judah Jacobson: Haskell Bindings for TensorFlow
* Chris Smith: CodeWorld - Teaching Haskell to Children
= Sunday =
* John Wiegley: Putting lenses to work
* Adelbert Chang: All About Applicative
* Doug Beardsley: Real World UIs with Reflex
* James Bowen: Type Level APIs with Servant
* Sandy Maguire: Don't Eff It Up: Free Monads in Action
* Luite Stegeman: Something GHCJS
* Greg Hale: Full-stack typesafe Haskell
* Rúnar Bjarnason: Adjunctions in Everyday Life

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