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San Francisco Bay Area & Silicon Valley Haskell Hackathon

Come join a group of Haskell hackers to enjoy a weekend of learning, sharing, and hacking on a variety of projects. Bring your laptop! All skill levels are welcome.

>>> Register to attend BayHac (it's free!) <<<
When: Friday, April 27th – Sunday, April 29th, 2018
Where: Formation (formerly Takt) office: 35 Stillman St, San Francisco
Cost: Free
Registration: BayHac 2018 Registration form
News and Discussion: BayHac Google Group

This year's BayHac organizers are:

  • Anthony Finch
  • Chris Smith
  • Dan Burton
  • Erica Waichman
  • Tikhon Jelvis


BayHac is all about the hacking! Add your project below to declare your intent to hack, and inform others on how they can join in.

  • /CodeWorld: Educational computer programming environment using Haskell
  • /hnix: A Haskell re-implementation of the Nix expression language
  • /haddock: Your favourite Haskell documentation generation tool
  • karya: A 2D music language, score editor, or sequencer in Haskell. There is also a synthesis backend, and a konnakol-based haskell DSL for writing rhythmic structures. Talk to me if interested, I should be around Friday and Sunday -- Evan Laforge (
  • gelatin: A real-time 2D graphics API with multiple backends including OpenGL and WebGL.


This year will be lighter on the talks, to allow more free time for hacking. We are still accepting proposals, though please note that at this point only a few more will be accepted: propose a talk.

Friday, April 27

(No talks on Friday)

  • 6:00pm BayHac opens for the day
  • 9:00pm BayHac closes for the day

Saturday, April 28

  • 9:30am BayHac opens for the day
  • 10:00am Talks
    • Judah Jacobson: Pier: yet another Haskell build system
    • Robin Bate Boerop: Using Haskell inside Apache Spark
    • Dmitriy Tadyshev: Simple Distributed Web Crawler with Cloud Haskell
    • Alexander Thiemann: SuperRecord: Anonymous Records in Haskell
    • Gabriel Gonzalez: Dhall - Programmable configuration language
  • 12:00pm Lunch
  • 5:00pm BayHac closes for the day

Sunday, April 29

  • 9:30am BayHac opens for the day
  • 10:00am Talks
    • James Bowen: Haskell, Tensor Flow, and Dependent Types
    • Maximilian Tagher: Validation Across the Stack (Postgres, Haskell, and the frontend)
    • Travis Athougies: Beam for composable, type-safe database queries
    • Nick Pollard: Free objects (eg. Free applicatives, free monoids)
    • André van Meulebrouck: Intro to containers: functor, applicative, monad
  • 12:00pm Lunch
  • 5:00pm BayHac closes for the day

Is this a scam to steal my intellectual property?

BayHac is not that kind of hackathon; there is no competitive coding element here. It is only a "hackathon" in the sense that a group of Haskellers will gather to hack on various projects.

See our /Intellectual_Property_Policy


BayHac 2018 is very grateful to our pledged sponsors:

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