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[edit] 1 Data structures

[edit] 1.1 Trees

[edit] 1.2 Stacks

[edit] 1.3 Queues

[edit] 1.4 Zipper

[edit] 1.5 Lists

[edit] 1.6 Strings

[edit] 1.7 Mutable data

[edit] 1.8 Compression and serialisation

[edit] 1.9 Generics

[edit] 1.10 Miscelleanous

[edit] 1.11 Further reading

[edit] 2 Control structures

See also the subsections for monads and comonads.

[edit] 2.1 Codata

[edit] 2.2 Continuations

[edit] 2.3 Delimited continuations

[edit] 3 Further reading