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The Haskell Brand

This page prescribes the brand, online and offline, for Haskell. This is a purposeful, coordinated effort, to bring the look and feel of Haskell together under one cohesive theme. Broken down into the logo, the palette, and online layouts. If you are working on or contributing to an official or de facto official presentation or service for Haskell, please follow these guidelines.

The current Haskell logo is this:


The current logo was chosen in the logo competition in early 2009. Vector and other versions can be found here. Please use the version presented here.


The color palette is below:

Palette for Haskell.png

  • Use the dark blue for dark backgrounds.
  • Use the lighter blue for borders and headings.
  • Use the orange for links only. Do not use this orange for backgrounds or broad canvases.
  • Use the cream for highlighted backgrounds, tooltips, etc.
  • General backgrounds should be white or a very light grey.

Palette example uses

This demonstrates good use of the palette for Hoogle:

Hoogle logos.png

Online Layout Guide

Please apply the following rules for online layouts:

  • The main navigation should be flush at the top, using the dark blue color of the palette, with a border at the top of it using the lighter blue color. Example here.
  • General site search should be at the top right.
  • General site login should be at the top right, after the search.
  • The web site's logo should be below the navigation, not inside it, unless it is properly resized and looks cohesive with the Haskell logo.
  • The Haskell logo should be in the navigation bar, to the left, before anything else, it should link to
  • Text links should be orange.
  • The background should be white or near-white.

Example layouts specifically implementing these rules:

Real web sites implementing this theme:

Unification Effort

We've agreed to attempt to bring all the themes of Haskell-related services under the Haskell brand.

Service Status
HaskellWiki Needs tweaking
Hoogle 2013-08-03: Work is in progress
λ-paste Not started
Try Haskell Not started
Haskell News Not started
Hayoo Not started
Planet Haskell Not started
Hackage 2013-08-03: Done in Hackage 2. Deplyoment date unclear.
Haddock 2013-08-03: Already done.
Language Report Not started.
Haskell Platform Not started.