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Contact: Luke Murphy

Homepage: https://github.com/lwm/es-api

Required skill level: Intermediate

es-api is a simple web API built with servant. It currently only allows for GET methods on the spanish verbs. The project has been accepted for the OpenShift Grant Project - which means, we could roll some shake deployment files and get it live! It has rudimentary documentation, a database layer but no tests! Please peruse the issues for a list of tasks:


GHC Ticket #11551: Get doctests into testsuite

Contact: Luke Murphy

Homepage: https://ghc.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/11551

Required skill level: Advanced (mostly makefile magic!)

This GHC ticket is part of a plan to bring more documentation into GHC. The story is best told with this Hoogle issue:


Once we get this patch running, any documentation patch with doctest will be tested automatically!

Haskell tools

Contact: Boldizsár Németh

Homepage: https://github.com/haskell-tools/haskell-tools

Description: Developer tools for Haskell.


Contact: Máté Karácsony

Homepage: https://github.com/kmate/raw-feldspar-mcs/

Description: Multi-Core & Scratchpad Support for Resource-Aware Feldspar.


Contact: Luke Murphy

Homepage: https://github.com/lwm/tasty-discover

Required skill level: Beginner

tasty-discover is an attempt to bring an user friendly test runner to the tasty framework. It started off as a copy/paste of the hspec-discover but now has come into it's own. It has the possibility to be a general purpose test runner with some work (given that tasty can run hspec tests!). There are a number of simple patches that can be done. Please peruse the issues for a list of tasks: