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Post-Hackathon Report

This page is for listing what was done during the Hackathon. Please add a short description of what you worked on, with links to relevant blog posts, hackage packages, commits, etc.

fclabels 1.0 release

New release of the fclabels package. The new package has a lot of code and documentation cleanups, support for partial labels in the case of multi-constructor datatypes and is about 20x as fast for setting and modifying as the previous version. Thanks everyone for helping me out!



GHC and base library improvements

  • Add unchecked left and right bit shifts: The Data.Bits.shift method uses a branch to check if the shift amount is larger than the word size and returns 0 in these cases. This extra safety makes performance worse in bit twiddling code.
  • Discussed unpacking of enums in GHC (not yet implemented).


New contributors:

  • use red text to report when we have a conflict (issue1681,patch646, Jeff Foster)
  • support 'since' in English dates parser
  • filter SSH output (issue845, Jeff Foster and Sebastian Korten)
  • support arbitrary darcs command in darcs-test (Alexander Njemz)
  • output ISO dates in darcs changes? (issue140, Alexander N, may be not a good idea)
  • add a last regrets prompt to interactive patch selection (issue1920, patch655, Johannes Weiß)
  • [in-progress] support removing changes in amend-record (issue1470, Johannes Weiß)



GObject Introspection

  • Work-in-progress binding generator for GObject-based libraries such as Gtk+ 3.
  • Started switching to haskell-src-exts for code generation.
  • Patches currently on the camhac branch on gitorious.

Snap Framework

  • Some work has been done on the authentication Snaplet, including an (incomplete) HDBC backend for it. An early work-in-progress can be found here:
  • An example application which uses Snap 0.6 has been improved to use the authentication Snaplet. Another work-in-progress:
  • IPv6 support. (Vlad Hanciuta)



  • A "redneck naive" poker hand evaluator. Code is on github ( Hopefully intend to turn this into a poker bot playground for Haskell (Jeff / Sebastian)


  • New version 1.1.0 uploaded to hackage, including support for more MPI implementations, bugfixes and general awesomness
  • Upcoming Monad Reader would feature and article about parallel programming with MPI, written during the course of the hackathon (Dmitry Astapov)