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# create a box, and then either
# create a box
# either
* shrink it or
* shrink it or
* split it
* split it

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Chlor is a highlevel Haskell vector graphics framework for non-interactive diagrams and charts. It has the following properties:

  • pure-Haskell code
  • reusable highlevel components
  • support for file formats like PDF, SVG, EPS, etc.

Code repository


1 Features

1.1 Boxes


  1. create a box
  2. either
  • shrink it or
  • split it

Chlor boxes.png

1.2 Shapes


  1. create a box
  2. split it in a 3x5 grid
  3. map some builtin shapes to it

Chlor shapes.png

1.3 Charts

Line chart:

Chlor line chart.png