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=== UHac at Newton ===
=== UHac at Newton ===
Over the weekend, UHac will be held in classrooms at the Newton building on the University College Utrecht campus.
Over the weekend, UHac will be held in classrooms at the Newton building on the University College Utrecht (UCU) campus.
==== Address ====
==== Address ====

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This page should contain all the information you need to know to get to Utrecht, get around, and get out. If it doesn't, let us know.

Before you arrive!

What to bring

  • A laptop with support for wireless networking. Ethernet access will probably not be available. If you really need ethernet access, please contact the organisers.
  • Power adapters if necessary. Power sockets in the Netherlands are 220-240V CEE 7/4 (a.k.a. "Schuko").
  • Mobile phone
  • A debit card, credit card and/or enough cash to sleep/eat/drink. Credit cards are generally not accepted in Dutch stores (and even restaurants), so be prepared to pay in some other way.

Get organized

  • Pick a project or projects to work at UHac
  • Add your project, or add your name to one of the projects on the Projects page
  • Prepare your laptop with the necessary software, including the latest Haskell platform or GHC
  • Get excited!


Google Map

Use this map to familiarize yourself with the locations relevant to the event. This includes the venues as well as accommodations and important transportation spots.

If you can access Google Maps on your mobile phone, you can even view it there. If you need it, the short URL is http://g.co/maps/b6as8.

Map of Utrecht

In Your Pocket has an Utrecht City Guide with useful maps and general sightseeing and tourist information.

Map of the Uithof

This PDF map shows the Uithof campus of Utrecht University.

Map of University College Utrecht

This JPEG map shows the UCU campus.


In this section, we describe means of transportation without a car. If you do plan on driving to and around Utrecht, we hope you can find your own way, since we don't drive that much ourselves.

Getting to Utrecht

Getting a train is the best (and cheapest) way of getting to Utrecht. Utrecht Central Station is where you need to get off. There are direct connections to Utrecht Central Station from Schiphol Airport and Eindhoven. People arriving at Eindhoven Airport will first need to take a bus to Eindhoven Central Station.

You can use the NS website (NS, or Nederlands Spoorwegen, is the Dutch Railways service) or the 9292 journey planner to plan your trip.

Getting around Utrecht

Getting around Utrecht without a car is very easy. There are two basic methods: bicycling and public transport.

If you want the true Dutch commuting experience coming from abroad, consider renting a bike. The Fietsenstalling Laag Catharijne is immediately below the Hoge Catharijne, which is the shopping mall connected to the central station. Follow signs to the Wolff "Bioscoop Catharijne" (a small cinema). Instead of going upstairs to the cinema, go downstairs to the ground floor, step outside and look for the bike shop on your left.

Public transport in Utrecht is very convenient and accessible. You can take a bus pretty much anywhere in the metropolitan area, though there are a few trams. The most useful online resource is the 9292 journey planner (which also has mobile phone apps).


We have one venue for the DHD and one venue for UHac. (We previously had two venues for UHac, but that has since changed.)

DHD at Ordina

Ordina is gratefully sponsoring the DHD with their fine facilities and delicious food (Seriously! We held the first DHD there, and we're happy to go back.)


Ringwade 1, 3439LM Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

Getting there

There are a number of buses that go near Ordina. To use one of these, we refer you to the 9292 journey planner (change the date once there). Perhaps the easiest route, however is the tram.

By Tram

From the central station, take the tram (a.k.a. Sneltram or ST) in the direction of "Nieuwegein Zuid" (60) or "IJsselstein-Zuid" (61). Get off at the stop "P+R Westraven" (a.k.a. "Transferium Westraven") The stop before is "Kanaleneiland Zuid."

From the P+R Westraven stop

Walk south (in the same direction as the tram), crossing over the tram tracks and the road — there is no crosswalk. Continue walking south, following the path across the bridge Liesboschbrug. Turn left at Ringwade and walk straight until you see the orange Ordina flags, where you will find the main building's entrance.

UHac at Newton

Over the weekend, UHac will be held in classrooms at the Newton building on the University College Utrecht (UCU) campus.


Campusplein 13-14, 3584ED Utrecht, The Netherlands

Getting there

By car

Follow these directions to reach UCU by car. NOTE: Due to construction work, part of Prins Hendriklaan (the road leading to UCU) is currently closed to cars. Getting to the location should still be possible when driving via the Sophocleslaan.

By bus

From the central station, take bus 12 in the direction of "Uithof UMC AZU." Get off at the stop "De Kromme Rijn‎." The stop before is "Stadion Galgenwaard."

From the bus stop

Walk north/northwest (crossing the street from the bus stop) down Platolaan. The street makes a natural curve to the left and becomes Sophocleslaan and then curves right and becomes Prins Hendriklaan. There you will find the entrance to the UCU campus on your left.

Walk through the pedestrian gate (and watch for cyclists going in and out). Take the left path walking around the central square. Newton Hall is the first building on the left at the corner of the square.

At Newton

Enter from the south side (farthest from the pedestrian gate). We expect this door to be open during the day. If the door is locked, call Sean Leather (+31 616158163).


We have included a number of accommodations on our map. You might also check out the bed and breakfast locations in Utrecht.


University College Utrecht

On Saturday and Sunday, the Dining Hall is open for brunch and dinner. All other eating places on campus are closed.

Weekend hours
Brunch: 10:30 - 12:30
Dinner: 18:00 - 19:30


These are a few of the restaurants around Utrecht.