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EclipseFP is an integrated environment for development in Haskell. Our goal is to provide a full-featured IDE that mimics the Eclipse JDT (the Java IDE which is flagship of the Eclipse project). Some planned and implemented features are support for code assistance, auto-building, refactoring and structural search.

The homepage for details and download is http://eclipsefp.sourceforge.net/.

We welcome any suggestions from the community. You can add your feature request to the following list, if you'd like.

  • ...

Here's my own list, more or less in priorities order:

  • background compilation with errors highlighting
  • integration with WinHugs
  • syntax highlighting, including highlighting of bracket's pair
  • ability to "fall in" definition of identifier under cursor, including multi-level ability to return back (with support for base libraries, libraries i installed and current project)
  • fast access to help about identifier
  • auto-deriving of type signatures for global identifiers (adding signatures, that compiler will infer, to the source file)
  • automatic management of import lists
  • one-key inclusion/exclusion of items in module export list
  • project management based on Cabal file
  • auto-indenting with user-tuned style