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Proposals, implementations can be found on the FirstClassLabels page of Haskell' Wiki.

Papers and libraries


Declarative database management

Such systems can achieve more type safety (compared to direct SQL handling).


A problem where some concepts of extensible records could be useful is described in the HaskellDB project. More precisely, the problem is described in the paper downloadable from

HaskellDB uses its own extensible record system, but see also HaskellDB#Future.


CoddFish is another declarative, type safe database system. As for extensible record system, it uses HList --- a Haskell library for strongly typed heterogeneous collections.

Related concepts

Dependent type -- as an explanation for its relatedness here, see Why Dependent Types Matter written by Thorsten Altenkirch, Conor McBride, James McKinna -- or see at least its Conclusions section (section 8, pages 18--19).