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Indexed types families in GHC

Indexed type families are a new addition to GHC's type extensions. They are currently an experimental feature and so their design may still change to some degree. The current implementation covers indexed data types and indexed newtypes, which can either be on the toplevel or inside class declarations, in the form of associated data types. Please not that indexed type synonyms (and hence also associated type synonyms) are not fully implemented yet. Any attempt to use them will lead to strange error messages.

What do I need to use indexed type families?

Indexed type families are implemented in GHC's HEAD (from version 6.7), which you can obtain in binary form from the nightly snapshots or in source form from the source repository. To enable indexed type families in GHC 6.7, you need to supply the compiler option -findexed-types (or -fglasgow-exts, which implies it).