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The Gallery is a repository of small programs. Each one should compile to a complete executable that does something, but also illustrates what a Haskell program actually looks like. Good Gallery examples should be well commented with a view to helping new programmers understand what is going on.
* [[Phone number]]: Generates mnemonics for phone numbers. Actually written as a benchmark.
* [[Sudoku]]: Several Sudoku solvers
* [[Wc]]: A number of increasingly sophisticated wc -l programs, written as a benchmark.
* [[Anagrams]]: Short but efficient program that generates anagrams using Data.ByteString.
* [[Guess a random number]]: Simple 'guess the random number game', demonstrating IO, random numbers, and basic environment interaction (getArgs, exitWith, user interaction).
* [[Simple STM example]]: A really simple toy program illustrating [[Research_papers/Parallelism_and_concurrency#Software_transactional_memory|sofware transactional memory]] (STM).
* [[Background thread example]]: An example of sending work to background threads, using [[Research_papers/Parallelism_and_concurrency#Software_transactional_memory|software transational memory]]
* [[Simple unix tools]], one liner unix tools in Haskell
* [[Roll your own IRC bot]], build a small IRC bot, with a monad transformer
* [[Bowling]]: Examples based on scoring a game of bowling
* [[Santa]]: Solutions to the concurrent Santa puzzle
See also the [[Example_code|example code]] page.

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