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The Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is an annual program funded by Google to allow hundreds of students around the world to participate in free or open source software.

GSoC is open to students using all kinds of technologies and each year we like to see many projects written in/for the haskell programming language.

Some possibly useful links: summer of code trac

reddit: haskell proposals

Johan Tibell: writing good gsoc, gsoc suggestions

Gwern: Retrospectives 2006-2013

Accepted GSOC2015 projects

Achieved Goals

Refactor program with HLint suggestions

My project was refactoring programs with hlint suggestions. I'm counting it as a success but I am waiting for a new release of HSE and hlint before making an announcement. We can apply almost all suggestions from hlint.

Here is a demo of it working -

Did Not Achieve Goals

Implementation of Layered Gramamar of Graphics

Last commit was made on 30 June 2015 and the README says

   Working on a implementation of layered grammar of graphics. Work in progress,
   Nothing to see here, Move on.

Accepted GSOC2013 projects


Accepted GSOC2011 projects


Projects from other organizations related to haskell: