H-99: Ninety-Nine Haskell Problems

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These are Haskell translations of Ninety-Nine Lisp Problems, which are themselves translations of Ninety-Nine Prolog Problems.

If you want to work on one of these, put your name in the block so we know someone's working on it. Then, change n in your block to the appropriate problem number, and fill in the <Problem description>,<example in Haskell>,<solution in haskell> and <description of implementation> fields. Then be sure to update the status on this page to indicate that we have a solution!

The problems

These problems have been split into 11 parts, for ease of access.

(Though the problems number from 1 to 99, there are some gaps and some additions marked with letters. There are actually only 88 problems.)


Known solutions are listed at 99 questions/Solutions. We still lack Haskell solutions to problems 80,82,83,85,86 and 94. Please update this page if you find solutions to these. Some of those we have could do with cleaning up or additional solutions.