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Haskell Algorithm Challenge (HAC!)

Required framework:


  • 1 week for submission, 24 hours lightning round
  • Each contest should focus (e.g. graph-related logic) on one topic, but wrap it in some sort of fun game/competition
    • By focussing on one topic it will most likely be more informative to people studying those topics
    • It might be possible to promote the use of new libraries through a common darcs repo people can use for contests (for instance NewBinary, PackedString)
  • Need for wrapup after each contest such that interesting code can be refactored into the common darcs repo
  • Problems should be open, such that newbies can make naive solutions but advanced coders can still have room to explore in
  • Extra points for readability and documentation so it can be reused more easily in the generic darcs repo


  • Through the generation of problems, organizers will become more experienced in collaborative programming while making the framework of the game, or testing a solution for the game
  • Try to reuse problem-frameworks... Maybe start with smaller problems and slowly build up as experience is gained


  • dons
  • shapr
  • vincenz


#hac on freenode

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