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See Hac4/Projects.


If you've registered, do add your name to the following table:

Name Nick Affiliation Mobile #
Björn Bringert bringert Chalmers, Well-Typed +46704779794
Jean-Philippe Bernardy jyp Chalmers
Johan Henriksson mahogny Karolinska Institute/Chalmers +46765549028
Thomas Schilling nominolo Chalmers +46762316289
Lennart Kolmodin kolmodin Chalmers +46736223606
David Himmelstrup Lemmih Lemminian Institute of Technology
Don Stewart dons Galois
Krasimir Angelov kr.angelov Chalmers +46738228179
Thorkil Naur thorkilnaur +45 24 82 85 98
Ian Lynagh Igloo Well-Typed
Johan Liesén liesen Chalmers
Fredrik Möllerstrand lenbust Chalmers
David Waern waern Amadeus +46768555581
Johan Tibell tibbe Google
Ganesh Sittampalam Heffalump Credit Suisse +447968253467
Niklas Broberg nibro Chalmers
Andres Löh kosmikus Utrecht
Sean Leather leather Utrecht
Josef Svenningsson ralejs Chalmers +46705455542
Duncan Coutts dcoutts Oxford, Well-Typed


dons 10th, 4:45 PM
kosmikus 10th, 11:30 AM
Lemmih 10th, 3:15 PM
thorkilnaur 11th, 22.20


Igloo and Heffalump will be at Nice Bed & Breakfast, 10-14 April.

Lemmih will be at Nice Bed & Breakfast, 10-14 April.

thorkilnaur will be at Nice Bed & Breakfast, 11-13 April.

kosmikus is at Nice B&B as well, 10-14 April.

dons is at Quality Hotel Panorama, 10-14 April.

A number of accommodation options are available. To organize to share, contact other attendees on irc or via email.