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For sunday night, we will order asian food.

Order before 18:00!


See http://tinyurl.com/hac5dinner

If you order a one person meal you also have to choose whether you'd have white rice, nasi, bami, vegetarian nasi, vegetarian bami.

The List

Name Choice (number) Rice/nasi/bami
David Himmelstrup 703 Rice
Erik Hesselink 701 nasi
Sebastiaan Visser 704 nasi
Lennart Kolmodin 700 Noodles
Reinier Lamers 57
Eelco Lempsink 58 37
Rui Barbosa 701 nasi
Eelco Dolstra 701 bami
Andres Loeh 704 rice
Sjoerd Visscher 707 bami
David Waern 700 Noodles
José Pedro Magalhães 707 Nasi _ Remi Turk 702 Rijst