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This is the attendee list for Hac7. Please refer to the main page for more information.


Once you've registered, please add your name to the following table:

Nickname Real Name Affiliation Mobile # Arriving Departing Accommodation
Matthew Brecknell 29 August 29 August (attending Generics Workshop 30th)
Andrew Smith 29 August 30 August
Dougal Stanton 29 August 30 August
byorgey Brent Yorgey University of Pennsylvania +12025318646 29 August (probably) >= 30 August Heriot-Watt University
JaffaCake Simon Marlow MSR 29 August (afternoon) >= 30 August
Heffalump Ganesh Sittampalam Credit Suisse +447968253467 29 August 6 September Ramada Mount Royal
Kowey Eric Kow University of Brighton +447518728483 29 August 30 August University of Edinburgh - Baird House
benl23 Ben Lippmeier Australian National University +61421381880 29 August (afternoon) 6 September Heriot-Watt University

Additional Comments

Please use this section to leave comments for other attendees, e.g. for organizing accommodation.