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September 25-27

Portland, Oregon, USA


1 About

HacPDX is an opportunity to join Portland Haskell hackers in building and improving Hackage libraries and tools. If you've never been, Hackathons are typically not only a good opportunity for experienced devs to work together but also a great way for newcomers to get involved in the community.

2 When

Friday Sept 25 3:30PM to 6:00 PM Saturday Sept 26 10:00AM to 6:00 PM Sunday Sept 27 10:00AM to 6:00 PM

The Friday times give an opportunity to meet and test your network connectivity, should you so desire. Afterwards we can head out to grab a pint!

3 Where

We will be in rooom 86-01 (downstairs) of the fourth avenue building, which is part of Portland State University.

As the building is locked during the weekends, I'll be letting attendees in via the Harrison Street entrance.

4 Equipment

You should bring a laptop with wireless (802.11). The room has whiteboards and a projector for any discussions or should anyone wish to give a talk.

5 News

  • 11Aug09 - Announced HacPDX... only one week later than intended!

6 Registration

Go to the HaxPDX Registration page and add your name as an attendee - the selected room can fit a population in the low-twenties well enough and we'll work to acquire the larger room if needed.

Be sure to list any projects in which your interested!

7 Food

On Friday there are great carts directly across the street. Saturday and Sunday might involve a little more of a walk, but there are many restaurants down town.

8 Travel

Buses 12, 44, and 17 all stop right outside the Fourth Avenue Building. If you're biking from the east side just take Hawthorne bridge, a left on first, and a right on Harrison - the building is on the corner of Harrison and 4th.

9 Organizers

  • Thomas DuBuisson (TomMD)