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1 What we worked on

  • judy
    • Tutorials 1 and 2.
    • Brenda: Judy-like Haskell implementation. (not yet posted)
  • Testing and using criterion
  • Patches to HDBC and HDBC-sqlite3 to support multi-query execution to make the dbmigrations package work.
  • A widget library for VTY.
  • A potential new network library got started. Several aspects of design were discussed.
  • Reworking of Crypto has started, which involves replacing all [Octet] based digests and ciphers with ByteString equivalents in addition to normalizing the APIs.
  • A GUI for HUnit. It's currently feature-low, but functional. It also successfully runs its own tests.
  • Simplifed replacement for HLADSPA. Not yet posted.
  • extcore and linkcore, tools for manipulating GHC External Core.
  • [1] Performance tuning for both mainline darcs and on the Google Summer of Code branch created by Petr Rockai. The new version is much faster at recording many small files.
  • A ByteString backed version of System.FilePath to help Darcs internally when manipulating thousands of FilePaths.

2 Proposed Projects for HacPDX

Projects you intend to tackle.

Project Task Description Participants
Network APIs Investigate and test new APIs for potentially replacing network, network-bytestring, and network-fancy TomMD
HPDF Additional hacking and c bindings jmelesky
HUnit GUI. Maybe also text UI that isn't horrible KimWallmark
judy Fast, mutable collection types report dons

3 Additional Project Suggestions

Projects you'd consider, but depends on the interest of other attendees.

Project Task Description
Crypto Part I Fix up the crypto library - use bytestring, fold in pureMD5/SHA/hecc, provide a new API
PNG Work on Bart Massey's pure-Haskell PNG reading/writing library. Lots to do here.
ParseArgs Clean up and extend a bit Bart Massey's parseargs package.
TCP Service Extract and package the SMTP-style TCP server bits from Bart Massey's MiniChess server.
sqlite open_v2() Add full support for SQlite's open_v2() call to the sqlite package.
HaRe Get it compiling under ghc 6.10; cabalize it.
plugins Tests and examples seem to fail with linking errors on the latest Haskell Platform.
wxHaskell Get this to install on Arch Linux.
Kernel Modules Finish porting a Linux driver to Haskell (mostly means working on the c2hs bindings)
Whiteout I - Echo Nolan - have been working on a BitTorrent client library. It uses fun things like iteratees and STM. If anyone is interested in hearing about/working on it, I'm more than happy to give the guided tour.
Lambdabot Everyone's favorite Haskell IRC bot.

4 Crypto 5.0 notes

See the crypto repository files Data/Digest.hs and Data/Cipher.hs for proposed Digest and Cipher typeclasses.

This would allow digests to be called with a simple "hash" function so long as they have an instance:

newtype SHA1 = SHA1 (Word32, Word32, Word32, Word32, Word32)
instance Digest SHA1 SHA1PartialCtx where
  --Code goes here...

And similarly for block/stream ciphers and RNGs. Also, slurp up the various other crypto libs on hackage.

4.1 Other todos

  • Add website and darcs repo to Crypto.cabal.
  • Use test-framework.
  • Don't build tests by default - use a flag.
  • Is still the correct contact email? If not, change it in CryptoHomePage.html
  • Does the readme *really* have to be in TeX?
  • Get a real bugtracker set up? gives out trac hosting.
  • Holy crap that is a lot of warnings.
  • QuickCheck 2?
  • Echo hates Darcs with a passion.

5 Contour Plotting

Greg is working on a plotting library at this repository.