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Name: Daniel Wagner
Name: Daniel Wagner
Nick: dmwit
#haskell nick: dmwit
Email: daniel@wagner-home.com
Email: daniel@wagner-home.com
Food restrictions: none
Food restrictions: none

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Registration is via email to Daniel Wagner at


with the subject

   Hac phi registration 

and body containing the following information:

   #haskell nick: (if applicable)
   Food restrictions:
   Days attending: 

There will be a public list of attendees' names and nicks; please include the word "private" after your information if you would like to opt out of the public list. Here is an example:

   Name: Daniel Wagner
   #haskell nick: dmwit
   Email: daniel@wagner-home.com
   Food restrictions: none
   Days attending: September 2008-August 2017
   Institution: Lambdas Ltd.

Note: We need an "institution" for each attendee in order to get wireless access codes. Feel free to make it up if necessary.

Once you're registered, you should also subscribe to the Hac φ mailing list. We will send out useful information to all of the attendees on that list. You can also add your name to the attendees page.