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| Austin Seipp
| Austin Seipp
== Workshop Polls ==
=== Natural Language Syntax Formalisms ===
If you're interested in a workshop on formalisms for natural language syntax, please say so here so I can know to prepare something. It'll probably end up being very high-level, without implementations for much of it. [[User:Augur|Augur]] 22:49, 18 June 2011 (UTC)

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If you'd like to give a talk, announce it here; tell us your name, the title of the talk, a short description. Please also let us know if you won't be attending Saturday afternoon and want to present at some other time.


Talk Name Speaker
MongoDB driver for Haskell Tony Hannan
Building Web Apps with Snap Doug Beardsley
Ur/Web - Typesafe web development with class Austin Seipp