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* Anton van Straaten
* Anton van Straaten
=== formlets ===
[ Formlets] is a library providing simple form creation and handling for Haskell data types.
=== happstack-auth ===
[ Happstack-auth] is a drop-in authentication framework for Happstack.
== Experience ==
== Experience ==
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| anton van straaten
| anton van straaten
| [ gitit], [ happstack]
| [ gitit], [ happstack]
| mightybyte
| [ gitit], [ happstack], formlets, happstack-auth

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1 Generic information

You can apply for an account and a project using the community server.

Once you have an account and/or a project, you upload a Darcs repository as follows. First, initialize your repository on the server:

 $ ssh
 you@haskell:~$ cd /srv/code/yourproject
 you@haskell:/srv/code/yourproject$ darcs init

Then, log out and push your repository:

 $ darcs push

2 Projects

If you have a project that you want to work on at the Hackathon, please describe it here.

Since Hackathons are great for teamwork, consider joining one of the projects mentioned below. If you're interested in one of these projects, add your name to the list of hackers under that project.

2.1 xmonad

General xmonad love: features, documentation, catch up with patch backlog, etc.

Maybe some floating layer improvements!

  • Brent Yorgey

2.2 diagrams

The diagrams library provides an embedded domain-specific language (EDSL) for creating simple pictures and diagrams in Haskell.

Incorporate patches and bug fixes, improved documentation, new features (better curve types, grid layout, control points + connectors, cache size computations for better performance)

  • Brent Yorgey


Work on the HSFFIG project is almost done, so HSFFIG and its successor ffipkg may be useful for projects involving bindings to C (but not C++) libraries. Please mention here if you are interested to give HSFFIG a try.

Update: HSFFIG has been released on Hackage.

  • Dmitry Golubovsky

2.4 mathlink

mathlink is a package for making Haskell functions callable from Mathematica. Given that the project is essentially limited to users of Mathematica, I don't expect a whole lot of actual coding help (though it is certainly welcome!), but I'm certainly looking forward to getting suggestions on how I might improve it.

  • Tracy Wadleigh

2.5 gitit

Gitit is a wiki program written in Haskell. It uses Happstack for the web server and pandoc for markup processing. Pages and uploaded files are stored in a git or darcs repository and may be modified either by using the VCS’s command-line tools or through the wiki’s web interface.

I (anton) plan to work on developing Gitit extensions to provide more general content management and application framework capabilities. Some previous work I've done on this is described here (this work has since been integrated into Gitit).

  • Anton van Straaten

2.6 formlets

Formlets is a library providing simple form creation and handling for Haskell data types.

2.7 happstack-auth

Happstack-auth is a drop-in authentication framework for Happstack.

3 Experience

Please list projects with which you are familiar. This way, people know whom to contact for more information or guidance on a particular project.

Name Projects
byorgey xmonad, diagrams
golubovsky HSFFIG
twadleigh mathlink
anton van straaten gitit, happstack
mightybyte gitit, happstack, formlets, happstack-auth