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If you'd like to give a talk, announce it here; tell us your name, the title of the talk, a short description. Please also let us know if you won't be attending Saturday afternoon and want to present at some other time.

Haskell in Web Browser

  • Overview of an EDSL for Javascript generation (JSMW), and related techniques.
  • Using WebIDL to build reusable components; conversions between Haskell and Web IDL
  • Overview of Core-based work done earlier (Yhc, Hugs)
  • Future work: integrate Core and JSMW

File:Haskell in Web Browser slides.pdf

Alternatively (or additionally)

As HSFFIG was recently "revived", if there is a project to work on during Hac φ with bindings to a C library (but not C++), and the developers would like to give HSFFIG (or ffipkg) a try, I may give a talk on that and will be happy to help.

  • Dimitry Golubovsky

JMacro: A Macro System for Programmatic Generation of Javascript

A different approach I've been working on, based on quasi-quotation and some neat ideas about managing scope. Based on the premise that the best DSL for most Javascript is (almost) Javascript, but the best syntax for Javascript is (almost) Haskell.

  • sclv