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Registration for Hac 2007

Numbers for the hackathon are limited to 20, due to room size constraints.

Should there be more than 20 interested participants, we ask that you list projects you are interested in working on (in the Haskell projects field of the registration email), and briefly describe the areas your interested in.

If more than 20 attendees register, we may prune the list in favour of people working on core Haskell development, and collaborative projects with other attendees.

Please include the days you will be attending in the Dates field.


Registration is via email. Please mail the following information to:


With the subject line:

   Hac 2007 registration 

And body containing the following information:

   Email address:
   Ethernet MAC address:
   Wireless MAC address:
   Haskell projects:

For example:

   Name:                   Don Stewart
   Dates:                  10,11,12
   Email address:          dons@cse.unsw.edu.au
   Ethernet MAC address:   aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff
   Wireless MAC address:   ff:ee:dd:cc:bb:aa
   Haskell projects:       Hackage, ByteStrings, Curses bindings
   Any extra information on the projects you want to work on, or with
   whom you wish to work.

If you intend to bring a laptop please note that you must tell us your ethernet and wireless MAC address (in order to reassure the building security people). There is no guarantee that wireless will actually be available, though we will do our best.

Once you have mailed these details, feel free to add your name to the attendee list below.

The final attendee list will be posted some time before the hackathon.

Attendee list for Hac 2007

Definitely could attend

Don Stewart
Ian Lynagh
Duncan Coutts

Possibly could attend

Bjorn Bringert