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== Dates ==
== Dates ==
Hac 2007 II will (almost certainly) take place on Fri 5 Oct to Sun 7 Oct.
Hac 2007 II will take place on Fri 5 Oct to Sun 7 Oct.
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Please add yourself to this list if you are potentially interested in being part of a Hackathon colocated with Haskell Workshop and ICFP 2007 (i.e. in Freiburg, Germany, around the end of September/beginning of October).

  • Ian Lynagh (Igloo)
  • Duncan Coutts (dcoutts)
  • Malcolm Wallace (malcolmw)
  • Don Stewart (dons)
  • Lennart Kolmodin (kolmodin)
  • Pepe Iborra (mnislaih)
  • Simon Marlow (JaffaCake)
  • Ben Lippmeier (benl23)
  • David Himmelstrup (Lemmih)
  • Björn Bringert (bringert)
  • David Waern (waern)
  • Rickard Nilsson (ricky)
  • Tim Chevalier (Binkley) (not sure yet)
  • Neil Mitchell (ndm) - I'll be at IFL, but may be able to meet up for a bit of hacking
  • Andy Gill (andyjgill)


Hac 2007 II will take place on Fri 5 Oct to Sun 7 Oct.

Date Events
Thu 27 Sep IFL
Fri 28 Sep IFL
Sat 29 Sep IFL
Sun 30 Sep HW, Scheme
Mon 1 Oct ICFP
Tue 2 Oct ICFP
Wed 3 Oct ICFP
Thu 4 Oct CUFP, MM
Fri 5 Oct Hac 2007 II, Erlang, ML, PV
Sat 6 Oct Hac 2007 II
Sun 7 Oct Hac 2007 II


The Hackathon will be integrated with the university summer campus.

This will give us all the infrastructure (room, Internet, etc) at minimal hassle.

Potential topics for a group hack

Add ideas here for which you think hacking together as a group (rather than individually) would be beneficial.

  • Building tests that give 100% code coverage for package base.
  • Lots of Cabal hacking still to be done
  • Bindings for <your favourite C library>
  • Haskell library for <your favourite task>

Other things:

  • bytestring 1.0
  • bit layer on Data.Binary 1.0
  • Data.ByteString.Parallel
  • libxml
  • bytestring parsec
  • combine strictcheck and quickcheck once and for all

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