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Hac 2007 II/Projects

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(Described probability monad stuff)
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1 Generic Information

How to create repositories...

2 Active Projects

Please feel free to describe your current project here!

2.1 Cabal

2.2 ByteString network

Change Network.* to use strict ByteStrings instead of Strings. It would also be nice to tidy up the #ifdef mess.

Current hacker(s): tibbe (Johan Tibell)

2.3 Probability monads

A really cool existing implementation: Probabilistic functional programming

Darcs repository and draft paper.

Things to work on:

  1. Get MaybeT into Hackage.
  2. Is WriterT really the right monad transformer? We want the join and bind operations, but not the rest of the MonadWriter type class.
  3. Should probabilities be represented as floats, fractions or a type class?
  4. Can this run fast enough to be useful?

Current hacker(s): ekidd (Eric Kidd)