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Registration for the Haskell Hackathon: Hac 2007 II

Numbers for the hackathon may be limited, due to room size constraints. If you're unable to attend for the full 3 days, please mention this in the registration details.

1 Registration

Registration is via email. Please mail the following information to:

With the subject line:

   Hac 2007 registration 

And body containing the following information:

   Ethernet MAC address:
   Wireless MAC address:

For example:

   Name:                   Don Stewart
   Nick:                   dons
   Ethernet MAC address:   aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff
   Wireless MAC address:   ff:ee:dd:cc:bb:aa

You'll need to bring your own laptop, and provide mac addresses, so we can get your machine on the network.

The final attendee list will be posted some time before the hackathon.

2 Important dates

Event Date
Hackathon October 5-7, 2007