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Jump to: navigation, search sub-domains are hosted on a variety of machines. Various machines have individuals responsible for them, and various services in turn have individuals responsible for those services.

This wiki page is intended to categorize the set of machines, services, and responsibilities. It also will provide some guidance as to whom to contact, and in what order, when things need to be accomplished regarding these services.

In general, the policy on the usage of the domain name and subdomains is set by the Haskell.org_committee. The committee also manages a small amount of funds, generally garnered from Google Summer of Code payments, and uses them towards the maintenance of Haskell community infrastructure. It therefore also determines the policy on the uses of those machines that it pays for.

Many people responsible for managing and helping with maintenance of servers are subscribed to the, an extremely low traffic list hosted by Galois.

Another overview of machines, at a higher level, lives at the Haskell.org_domain page.

1 Servers

Name Host Hostname IP Responsible Party Root Access Physical Access
Lambda Hetzner  ???  ???  ???
Abbot Galois  ???  ???  ???
Community  ???  ???  ???  ???
Sparky Chalmers  ???  ???  ???

2 Subdomains