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The Haskell Communities and Activities Report was initiated at the 2001 Haskell workshop, as a status report of the Haskell community as a whole, to be updated twice a year. The purpose is twofold: (a) to establish what communities, people, and projects are out there, working with or on Haskell, and what their areas of interest are; (b) to feed back summary information about ongoing activities in the diverse Haskell sub-communities and amongst Haskell users (commercial or otherwise) to the Haskell Community as a whole. To this end, there is a half-yearly informal survey of the main Haskell mailing list, inviting everyone to volunteer brief summary reports of their own community, project, company, research group, or whatever. These summaries cover activities of the last six months and plans for the next six months and are collected to form the Haskell Communities and Activities Report.

Up to and including the November 2003 edition, these reports have been edited by Claus Reinke, at the University of Kent. Arthur van Leeuwen, at Universiteit Utrecht, has been responsible for the May 2004 edition. Andres Löh, at the University of Bonn, took over until the December 2007 edition. Janis Voigtländer, first at Technische Universität Dresden, now at the University of Bonn, is the current editor.