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Haskell Lisp

Lispers who love Haskell can be heard saying that Haskell is Lisp's missing M-Expression implementation. Though that statement embodies a great deal of poetic license (an perhaps romanticism), there is a very natural fit between the two.

In practical terms, there are two areas of intersection between Haskell and Lisp:

  1. Haskell implementations written in Lisp (there seems to be only one of these), and
  2. Lisps written in Haskell (much more common)

There is a github organization which tracks these projects, though more detail is given below.

Also, there is a twitter account dedicated to all things Haskell+Lisp.

Haskells in Lisp

  • Yale Haskell - written between 1991 and 1993; was built from sources using CMU Common Lisp, Lucid Common Lisp, Allegro Common Lisp, or Harlequin LispWorks

Lisps in Haskell

  • TBD