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Hi i am studying a degree in games computing in lincoln UK.. and i have been given an assignment to create a program in C, C++, Haskell, and prolog..
==Discuss the help page==
I have jsut got on to haskell, and am having some real difficulty with it.. and was hoping that someone could help me out with this.
Now i am sure that this isnt the page that i'm meant to put stuff like this, but it might be somewhere that someone checks and might see..
Variable are as followed:
type KeyNum = Int {- unique id -}
type Station = String {- Station Name -}
type Interchange = String {- Interchange stations -}
type DurMins = Int {- Duration Mins -}
type DurSecs = Int {- Duration Secs -}
type Database = [ (KeyNum, Station, Interchange, DurMins, DurSecs)] {- Record Structure -}
right.. now when i try and enter data into the Database i get the following error
ERROR file:.\HaskellSample1.hs:20 - Syntax error in declaration (unexpected `::')
Now on line 20 the code is doing the following:
TrainTimes :: Database
now according to the haskell book i have.. this should all be fine.. but for some reason it is erroring on me.
If you have any clues, and can help me please can you contact me on the following email address.
All help will be greatly appreciated..
Neil Farmer
:A much better idea is to ask on the [[Mailing_Lists|Haskell Cafe]] --[[User:NeilMitchell|Neil Mitchell]] 22:05, 21 February 2006 (UTC)

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