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Hoogle has plenty of bugs, consider them features until they are fixed :) To report a bug either email me or just add it to this list. I am slowly moving to a bug tracker, so you can enter them there if you want.

Bad Searches

  • (a -> b) -> ([a] -> [b]) -- should find map
  • @hoogle Data.IntMap.IntMap a -> [a] -- badly kills the module names
  • @hoogle -- , gives copyright message (consequence of argument parsing in command line)
  • Either, should find Left and Right
  • @hoogle (\=), bracket does not parse
  •  ?hoogle (<<), goes crazy
  • ThreadID -> IO (), does not find killThread :: ThreadId -> IO () (note Id vs ID)

Bad UI

  • hoogle is a bit stingey with the space limit on the module name, for many modules it cuts them off with "...", i.e. ParseError

Bad Ordering

  • Ptr a -> IO a [peek should be first]
    • Foreign.Storable.peekByteOff :: Storable a => Ptr b -> Int -> IO a
    • Foreign.Storable.peek :: Storable a => Ptr a -> IO a