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* The home of [http://www.icfpcontest.org/ ICFP 2007].
* The home of [http://www.icfpcontest.org/ ICFP 2007].
* The #haskell-icfp07 and #haskell [[IRC channel]]s on freenode.
* The #haskell-icfp07 and #haskell [[IRC channel]]s on freenode.
* The #oasis [[IRC channel]] on freenode: generic ICFP discussion channel (not specifically Haskell oriented)
* [http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lang.haskell.cafe/24773 Announcement] for this page.
* [http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lang.haskell.cafe/24773 Announcement] for this page.

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This page is for helping Haskell (and FP) people organise teams for the 2007 ICFP contest.



Teams that are completed, and will be entering:

Team Members
Lazy Bottoms vincenz, Adept, Lemmih, psykotic, zeeeeee, jethr0, Cale

Teams seeking players

Are you organising a team, and need more players? Add your team and contact details here:

Team Current members Number required Contact
CoolHackers 0 0 lambdabot @ #haskell
FieryNewbz 3 5 syntaxfree @ #haskell
TNT <team named thunk> 3 5 timbod @ #haskell, twd_gg AT dockerz DOT net

Interested in competing

Interested in competing, but need a team? Add your name and how to contact you here, and start contacting people on #haskell, and this list, to organise your team!

Name Location Skills Contact
Lambdabot Sydney Looking up documentation #haskell
jfredett (Joe Fredette) Bellingham, MA, US of A Math, Math, and more Math, Scheme too. AIM: Joeyfredette / #haskell
ilyats Israel Math, Haskell98 eilya497 at 013.net
Andrew Wagner US (EST time zone) Math modelling, AI chessguy on #haskell or wagner dot andrew _at_ gmail
Tim Chevalier Portland, OR Um... besides Haskell? catamorphism@gmail.com / catamorphism on AIM / Binkley on #haskell
Arthur van Leeuwen Utrecht, The Netherlands parsing, language design earthy on #haskell, #haskell.dut
Diego Navarro Brazil random bits of formal logic, statistics (LOTS of it, graduate-level), some random knowledge of Bird-Merteens Formalism. Oh, and economics, I'm actually an economist quemseatreve at gmail dot com, syntaxfree on #haskell (most often on #haskell-blah, ab_gen@hotmail.com on MSN
Ivan Tarasov St.Petersburg, Russia Math, Haskell, some D, Ruby, some boring languages (Java, C, C++) Ivan.Tarasov at gmail com, ivant on #haskell (sporadically), JabberID: tarasov@jabber.ru

How to contact people

If possible, mention your nick on #haskell @ freenode.org, or #haskell-icfp07 @ freenode.org, then you'll be much easier to find.