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This page is out-of-date. For more current information, please see Haskell Governance.

This page documents the currently active infrastructure projects in the Haskell community, under guidance of the Haskell infrastructure team.

Haskell Wiki move

We want to move the haskell.org wiki to the new machine, and run it with the new version of mediawiki and the new template.


  • new machine in place [done]
  • new template needed [done]
  • machine runs a modern mediawiki [done]
  • moving mailing lists.
  • moving user accounts:
  • create accounts on demand
  • move project accounts
  • policy decision to move project accounts to community.haskell.org - requires vote of haskell.org committee.
  • DNS move: depends on moving other services (mailing lists, user accounts).

Haskell.org committee

Haskell.org incorporation

Proposal to be moved to haskell.org committee.

New Hackage Server

  • Deploy new hackage server.
  • Testing?
  • Mirrors in place.
  • Ask for beta testers to use new hackage.