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Notes from Utrecht on future directions for packages and infrastructure


Work underway to do general performance improvements to the containers package, based on worker/wrapper and other idioms. New repository for work on patch-tag:

Added test suite and coverage data, (increased coverage to > 50%)

Investigate certain functions, then determine if anything on Hackage uses them. If no such package is found using the Map function, remove it from the API -- 20 years and 2000 packages should be enough empirical evidence.

Added benchmarking suite:

Improved performance:

hackage 2

Ready Hackage 2 for use.


network package is low level, difficult to maintain and fragile. Rewrite using design from python?


Based on Patricia trees and using MurmurHash.


Fast, open addressed hashtables: useful, but relatively small ROI. Also quite complex.


Propose text for the HP.


Generate unified docs for the HP.