Installing xmonad log applet

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awick has created a gnome-panel applet to read and display xmonad logHook output, which frees gnome-panel users from the need to run an additional status bar to display xmonad information such as workspaces, titles, etc. See xmonad-log-applet for the project home page.

This page explains how to install and configure xmonad-log-applet-1.0 (or the git version which is currently identical but configured to install to locations compatible with ubuntu karmic.)

Preparing for the install

Installing C dependencies

Installing haskell dependencies

Installing the applet

Configuring xmonad to write to the applet


Check .xsession-errors for info from gnome-panel, xmonad, dbus, bonobo, etc. Try #xmonad on or the xmonad mailing list for help. Please pastebin or attach your xmonad.hs and what version of xmonad/xmonad-contrib you are using.