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Introduction/Direct Translation

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The quicksort quoted in Introduction isn't the "real" quicksort and doesn't scale for longer lists like the c code does.

Here are some points to how the "real" quicksort would look in haskell.

Lennart Augustsson has a quicksort entry on his blog which is pure (no unsafe):

Another version (uses System.IO.Unsafe), is below.

There is also a "parallel" quicksort at

roconnor claims that in haskell the "real" quicksort is really a treesort:

Unfortunately none of the above "real" quicksorts seems to compile as given, when copy/pasted into ghci. Can someone fix? The "parallel" quicksort gave error "unknown package concurrent" when I ran make in quicksort/gransim.

Has anyone got a functioning "real" quicksort that works on copy/paste?

import Control.Monad (when)
import Control.Monad.ST
import Data.Array.ST
import Data.Array.IArray
import Data.Array.MArray
qsort :: (IArray a e, Ix i, Enum i, Ord e) => a i e -> a i e
qsort arr = processArray quickSort arr
processArray :: (IArray a e, IArray b e, Ix i)
             => (forall s. (STArray s) i e -> ST s ()) -> a i e -> b i e
processArray f (arr :: a i e) = runST $ do
    arr' <- thaw arr :: ST s (STArray s i e)
    f arr'
    unsafeFreeze arr'
quickSort :: (MArray a e m, Ix i, Enum i, Ord e) => a i e -> m ()
quickSort arr = do
    (lo, hi) <- getBounds arr
    qsort' lo hi
    qsort' lo hi | lo >= hi  = return ()
                 | otherwise = do
        p <- readArray arr hi
        l <- mainLoop p lo hi
        swap l hi
        qsort' lo (pred l)
        qsort' (succ l) hi
    mainLoop p l h | l >= h    = return l
                   | otherwise = do
        l' <- doTil (\l' b -> l' < h  && b <= p) succ l
        h' <- doTil (\h' b -> h' > l' && b >= p) pred h
        when (l' < h') $
            swap l' h'
        mainLoop p l' h'
    doTil p op ix = do
        b <- readArray arr ix
        if p ix b then doTil p op (op ix) else return ix
    swap xi yi = do
        x <- readArray arr xi
        readArray arr yi >>= writeArray arr xi
        writeArray arr yi x

This uses various extensions to make the types ridiculously general, but the actual algorithm (quickSort) is plain Haskell.