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Lambda-Cube render engine


Lamda-cube is a 3D rendering engine entirely written in Haskell.

It targets newer graphics hardware. The engine uses Ogre3D's mesh and material file format. The main goal of this project is to provide a modern and feature rich graphical backend for various haskell projects. (e.g. FRP libraries)

I'd like to release a preview version soon (in end of March).




The code will be released under GPLv3 soon.


  • Mesh file format
    • geometry is supported
    • skeletal animation is in progress
  • Material Script
    • [partly supported] material
    • [partly supported] technique
    • [partly supported] pass
    • [partly supported] texture_unit
    • [partly supported] vertex_program
    • [partly supported] fragment_program

Used Packages and programs

  • OpenGL
  • GLFW
  • STB-image
  • HXT
  • UULib
  • Zip-Archive
  • Alex