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1 Lambdacube Engine

1.1 Overview

Lambdacube is a 3D rendering engine entirely written in Haskell.

The main goal of this project is to provide a modern and feature rich graphical backend for various Haskell projects, and in the long run it is intended to be a practical solution even for serious purposes. The engine uses Ogre3D's mesh and material file format, therefore it should be easy to find or create new content for it. The code sits between the low-level C API (raw OpenGL, DirectX or anything equivalent; the engine core is graphics backend agnostic) and the application, and gives the user a high-level API to work with.

An application building on Lambdacube is composed of the following layers:

  optional components
generic core
render system
native OpenGL or DirectX or ...
  • optional components: e.g. loaders for various formats, physics engine
  • generic core: resource handling, script loading, rendering
  • render system: a thin abstraction layer

1.2 News

  • 2009-09-22 - The summer report was presented at the JSSP meeting
  • 2009-08-10 - Major public commit that went with the mid-summer report
  • 2009-05-12 - Project announced to be among the JSSP winners
  • 2009-03-31 - Application for Jane Street Summer Project sent in
  • 2009-01-?? - Development started

1.3 Todo

  • clean up code and upload it to Hackage

1.4 Download

Lambdacube repository at Google Code

1.5 Screenshots

1.5.1 2009-09 - JSSP meeting

Tile Racer track loader:

Lambdacube Tile Racer track loader example

Bullet physics integration:

Lambdacube and Bullet physics example

1.5.2 2009-03 - Pre-summer mock-up


1.6 License

The code is released under GPLv3. I'm planning to switch to BSD3. Or maybe a dual license.

1.7 Features

  • Mesh file format
    • geometry is supported
    • skeletal animation is in progress
  • Material Script
    • [partly supported] material
    • [partly supported] technique
    • [partly supported] pass
    • [partly supported] texture_unit
    • [partly supported] vertex_program
    • [partly supported] fragment_program

1.8 Used packages and programs

  • OpenGL
  • GLFW
  • STB-image
  • XML
  • UULib
  • Zip-Archive
  • Alex