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This is FAQ for the Leksah IDE.

The cross [x] buttons on tabs are almost invisible (don't fit in tabs)

With version 0.6 for a pleasant visual appearance, you have to copy or append the .gtkrc-2.0 file from the Leksah data folder or from the data folder in Leksah sources to your home folder. (Manual 7)

That's not a global change, but leksah specific parameter that can't be set in another way, as far as I know.

To install leksah's gtkrc in Linux for the current user:

$ cd ~
$ wget http://code.haskell.org/leksah/data/.gtkrc-2.0 -O .gtkrc-2.0-leksah
$ echo -e '\ninclude ".gtkrc-2.0-leksah"' >> .gtkrc-2.0

The [X] button on the toolbar behaves in a counterintuitive way (I expected it to close source editor tabs not modules/debugging/... tabs). Is it really needed?

Well we have made a concept, were you are basically free to rearrange every part of the Leksah window. So you are free to close every pane.

When I work this is my rescue:

In Leksah there may be an active pane. The name of this ane is displayed in the second compartment from the left side in the status bar. Some actions like moving, splitting, closing panes or finding or replacing items in a text buffer act on the current pane, so check the display in the status bar to see if the pane you want to act on, is really the active one. (Manual 33)

Name completion popup sometimes goes beyond the bottom edge of the window/screen


Debugging doesn't work if ~/.cabal/bin is not in the path - "Setup: Cannot find the program 'ghc' at 'leksahecho' or on the path" (does it mean that it can't find leksahecho?)

True. Not sure what it is really searching, but it needs to find both programs.

Does importing some module need its package to be specified in dependencies first? Would it be possible to automatically add package to dependencies if I wanted to use something from it?

The import helper just looks in imported packages, so if you miss a package import, you have to fix it manually. It would be an interesting feature for the future.

Adding dependencies from packages installed by cabal doesn't seem to work: "Setup: At least the following dependencies are missing: some_package", while doing "~/.cabal/bin/cabal configure" in the package directory runs normally. I have some_package installed in my home directory by cabal-install

This is because cabal install uses the per user database of haskell packages, while the default is the machine database. So you have to add --user to the ConfigFlags in Package / Package Flags.

After opening the leksah.cabal package, the Package/Edit Package menu item doesn't work

As of version 0.6 "Cabal file with configurations can't be edited with the current version of the editor" (this is printed to stdout in the background).

What font to use with Leksah?

Envy code R and Terminus seem to be a good match with Leksah.

Is it possible to change the editor color scheme / background color?

Yes. Leksah is based on GtkSourceView and supports the same color schemes as for example gedit. The schemes can be set in preferences, editor -> editor style.