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HUGS on Mac OS X

There is a MacPorts package for Hugs (under the name hugs98).

GHC on Mac OS X

GHC is available through MacPorts or as a standalone installer.


MacPorts contains a Portfile for GHC. Using MacPorts to install GHC will take a while as your computer will compile all the source files itself. In most cases, you're better off installing GHC through the standalone installer (see next section).

If you have MacPorts installed and haven't told it to selfupdate in a while, do that first:

$ sudo port selfupdate

This will take up to a minute, so be patient. It tells MacPorts to retrieve the latest package information from its servers. Next, install GHC:

$ sudo port install ghc

MacPorts will first download and install any dependencies that are needed to install GHC; then it will download, build and install GHC itself.

Standalone Installer for Mac OS X 10.5 (Intel)

There is a standalone installer available for Mac OS X 10.5 (Intel). It requires Xcode 3.0 to be already installed. If you do not have Xcode, you can install it from the installation DVD you got with you Mac or download it for free from Apple Developer Connection.

Popular Haskell editors

Two popular editors for Haskell (or any text file in general) are Vim and Emacs. If you're not familiar with those editors: they are reasonably technical and take a while to get used to, but once you get to know them, they are very powerful and customizable. The terminal versions of both editors are installed on your Mac by default; there are also graphical version available; see MacVim and AquaMacs.

Several native OS X editors exist with Haskell support:





and Smultron:


Yi (written in Haskell itself!), is available through cabal-install

TextEdit is Mac's default text editor, a very basic editor that works fine for most uses, you must however be careful to put it into plain text mode using the Format menu.

Shipping Installable Haskell Applications

  • mkbndl builds installable Mac OSX applications from your Haskell project.