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T-shirts, Mugs, and Mouse Pads


Make your own tshirt on spreadshirt:



There is a new shop on offering a (growing) variety of products and (more or less original) designs, including a clean logo variant: The gleemerch Haskell geekware shop, non-profit of course. A few examples:

haskell-shirt.jpeg haskell-bag.jpeg


At Cafepress you can buy Haskell t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, and more. Thanks to Fritz Ruehr, Conal Elliott, Andrew Cooke and Wouter Swierstra for design work. Mail to Fritz Ruehr with any merchandise quality or other issues for products from CafePress below, except as noted.

See the logos page for more details. The following stores are available (the merchandise is organized into separate "stores" for historical/logistical reasons):

Some new stores/products were added in the last couple of years but were not well-advertised:

Now available: "Haskell Hackers" t-shirts in the much-requested black color (with red and white design). There are some issues with printing on dark colors as noted by the CafePress people, but our Test Marketing Focus Panel tells me that the design looks good and wears and washes well. You can buy the shirt at:

(Black shirts are a bit pricier, but as always, we sell the shirts at cost). I wouldn't recommend the other (non-black colors); if you order the shirt (or any other merchandise I've created) and have quality problems, please let me (Fritz) know right away.

If you would like to make other merchandise available, add links here. (You may also mail your ideas/sketches to Fritz Ruehr, who can provide graphic design work or CafePress preparation work.) If you link in merchandise that is sold above cost, please mark it as such. You need not restrict yourself to CafePress as a manufacturer/distributor.