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Describe here all your fantasy tutorials... tutorials you either wish you had the time to write or that somebody else would do

Haskell for Mac OS X fans

We've got:

What I would really like to see is a tutorial for Haskell hacking on a Mac, using Haskell to build those insanely great Mac applications. There's two ways you could go about it. One might be to build it as a Haskell-for-Objective-C programmers, thing. Another might be Mac OS X programming for Haskellers, with just enough Objective-C for you get by. Or a third approach still would be a super super friendly, graphical, tutorial for people who have never programmed in either. I was thinking along the lines of Learn Cocoa, but using Haskell!

As a goal application, I might suggest an iTunes-a-like

Database programming in Haskell