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  • Yale Haskell 2.0-Beta now available. John Peterson announced that Yale Haskell 2.0-Beta now available

  • Haskell B. and LML version 0.998.1. Lennart Augustsson announced Haskell B and LML version 0.998.1, available, naturally, free of charge. The compiler runs on SUN3/SunOS 4.1.2, Sequent Symmetry/Dynix 3.1.4, DECstation 3100/Ultrix 4.2 and SUN4/SunOs 4.1.2

  • Current status. Simon Peyton Jones announced the status report on Haskell, describing its origins, and the current state of play (in July 1992).

  • An Introduction to Functional Programming Systems Using Haskell. Tony Davie announced the publication of a new book, "An Introduction to Functional Programming Systems Using Haskell"

  • The Spineless Tagless G-machine: detailed paper. Simon L Peyton Jones announced the The Spineless Tagless G-machine: detailed paper, was available, giving away all the trade secrets!

  • Haskell tutorial. Paul Hudak announced the availability of Haskell tutorial, by Paul and Joe Fasel.

  • Glasgow Haskell compiler: pre-release 0.06 is available,. Simon Peyton-Jones announced that the Glasgow Haskell compiler (GHC) pre-release 0.06 is available.

  • Haskell report 1.2 now available,. John Peterson announced that the Haskell report 1.2 now available.

  • Haskell Report 1.2 issues. Simon L Peyton Jones announced a summary of outstanding issues for the Haskell Report 1.2

  • Implementing functional languages: a tutorial. SL Peyton Jones and DR Lester announced that in the Spring of 1992 Prentice Hall will publish the above book, as part of their International Series in Computer Science (ed Hoare). The book gives a practical approach to understanding implementations of non-strict functional languages using lazy graph reduction.