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* [[Parallel/Reading|Parallel Haskell reading]]
* [[Parallel/Reading|Parallel Haskell reading]]
* [[Parallel/Research|Current research]]
* [[Parallel/Research|Current research]]
* [ Parallel and Concurrent Programming in Haskell] (online book)

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Parallelism and Concurrency in Haskell

Haskell supports both pure parallelism and explicit concurrency. How would you like to begin?

  1. Speed up your code by making it run on multicore:
    Start with Control.Parallel (par, pseq) and refine with Strategies
    Find out more about parallelism basics
  2. Manage simultaneous IO actions (eg. multiple connections on a web server)
    Start with Concurrent Haskell (forkIO, MVar)
    Find out more about concurrency basics
  3. Work with clusters or do distributed programming
    Learn about concurrency first, then try using network protocol libraries like HTTP or zeromq.
    Meanwhile look out for ongoing research into distributed Haskell.

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