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(link to parsec documentation included with ghc distribution)
(Add link to blog post about Pysec, a Python clone of Parsec. (No official release for now.))

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1 Parsec

Parsec is an industrial strength, monadic parser combinator library for Haskell. It can parse context-sensitive, infinite look-ahead grammars but it performs best on predictive (LL[1]) grammars.

See the Parsec site for downloads and documentation. Parsec is also distributed with GHC, hence this documentation might be more up to date.

1.1 Usage

Parsec lets you construct parsers by combining higher-order Combinators to create larger expressions. Combinator parsers are written and used within the same programming language as the rest of the program. The parsers are first-class citizens of the language , unlike Happy parsers, which must be generated via a preprocessor.

Much more documentation can be found on the parsec site.

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1.2 Parsec clones in other languages

Interesting non-Parsec parser combinator libraries: