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A common lament in #haskell is that someone would like to write some Haskell code, but can't think of any code to write or problems to solve. So, here's a list of potential Haskell work -- it could be GHC modifications, creating Haskell bindings for existing libraries, or just writing new applications in Haskell. Feel free to edit liberally!

Existing pages with similar goals:

Project ideas:

GHC modifications

Haskell libraries

  1. High efficiency, native hash and cipher routines using Data.ByteString.Lazy
  2. Inter-Process communication library (cross platform, high level). Ex: for *nix this could use named Unix datagram sockets from Network.Socket.

Haskell applications

  1. A "diff" utility for GHC.Core dumps (e.g. ghc -ddump-simpl) that will filter out all the noise of variable names (which change from run to run). This would allow developers to see how their high level code alterations affect the output (or at least an intermediate stage).


Haskell board game