Practice of Functional Programming

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Practice of Functional Programing — a Russian electronic magazine devoted to promoting functional programming, with both theoretical and explanatory articles as well as practical ones (FP success stories). Much of the material is often related to Haskell. Visit the Official web-site of this magazine (in Russian).

The magazine has ISSN 2075-8456.

The editorial and authors stuff want to distribute this magazine free of charge. But the development of it can't be free of charge. So you can make a donation with WebMoney (R218751601599), Yandex.Money (41001450150424) or PayPal. The editorial and authors stuff will be gratiful for any pecuniary aid.

First issue

The cover of the first issue

The first issue was released at 20 July 2009. It contains the next papers:

  • Lazy to Fear by S. A. Zefirov
  • Function and Functional Approach by R. V. Dushkin
  • The Mutable State and Fight with it by E. R. Kirpichev
  • I haven't took the checkers for a long time by D. E. Astapov
  • Haskell Monoids and their Uses by D. Piponi (translated by K. V. Zaborski)
  • The Literature on Functional Programming Overview by A. Y. Ott

The editor of the first issue is L. Walkin.

Second issue

The cover of the second issue

The second issue was released at 28 September 2009. It contains the next papers:

The editor of the second issue is L. Walkin.

Third issue

The third issue is planned to release at 20 November 2009.

The editor of the third issue is D. E. Astapov.