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Functional reactive programming

The Yampa Arcade
Antony Courtney and Henrik Nilsson and John Peterson. In Proceedings of the 2003 ACM SIGPLAN Haskell Workshop (Haskell'03), pages 7 - 18, Uppsala, Sweden, August 2003. ACM Press.
Functional Automatic Differentiation with Dirac Impulses
Henrik Nilsson. In Proceedings of the Eight ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming, pages 159 - 187, Uppsala, Sweden, August 2003. ACM Press.
Arrows, robots, and functional reactive programming
Paul Hudak, Antony Courtney, Henrik Nilsson, and John Peterson. In Summer Shcool on Advanced Functional Programming 2002, Oxford University, volume 2638 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 159 - 187, 2003. Springer-Verlag.
System presentation - Functional reactive robotics: an excercise in principled integration of domain-specific languages
Izzet Pembeci, Henrik Nilsson, and Gregory Hager. In Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming (PPDP'02), pages 168 - 179, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, October 2002.
Functional Reactive Animation
Conal Elliott and Paul Hudak. In the proceedings of the 1997 ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP '97).
From Functional Animation to Sprite-Based Display
Conal Elliott, In the Proceedings of PADL '99.
A "Fifteen Puzzle" in Fran
Conal Elliott. October, 1998.
Two-handed Image Navigation in Fran
Conal Elliott. 1998 Glasgow Functional Programming Workshop.
Functional Implementations of Continuous Modeled Animation
Conal Elliott. In the Proceedings of PLILP/ALP '98.


Lambda in Motion: Controlling Robots With Haskell
John Peterson, Paul Hudak, and Conal Elliott In the proceedings of PADL '99.


Programming Graphics Processors Functionally
Conal Elliott. Proceedings of the 2004 Haskell Workshop.